The Best 5 Managed WordPress Hosting

The Best 5 Managed WordPress Hosting Sites

Howdy, here is my review of the best 5 managed WordPress hosting sites; the premium list…Let’s face it, WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms and content management systems ever, it is simple to use, catchy UI, but yet quite tricky to successfully work around it…Moreover running a blog requires a lot hard of work, creating engaging content, promoting on social media, SEO, etc. And one should know that no matter how much effort you put in to get good results without proper WordPress hosting, all is vanity. So to spare one the unnecessary headaches and crying in the bath turbo/shower because of poor hosting, we have affordable and managed WordPress hosting in place’ which is slick WordPress hosting specifically crafted for…

managed WordPress hosting

1, WPEngine
This is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting solutions ever, the company ensures that you get the best of working online flawlessly. They are the market leader in managed WordPress hosting and offer quite great features to their customers and quite the best option for busy bloggers who don’t have the time for updates and other things…The only downside is that they are expensive and not the best option for beginners…

Flywheel is a reliable, slick managed WordPress hosting solution you have been searching for, the company offers the best hosting services you won’t elsewhere and perfectly scaled for your budget and needs. The moment is checked their services I was highly impressed… this is really very cool it is one of its kind in managed WordPress hosting, they offer very classic features to customers and designers…learn more in my review here.

This is a new managed WordPress hosting on the scene but very good with their services in fact one sentence to describe kinsta is ‘the power of google cloud platform made easily accessible to everyone/blogger’ meaning kinsta runs on the Tech giant company Google cloud platform, it also offers other cool features you will not find with other WordPress hosting company….

When it comes to managed WordPress hosting services we can’t leave out Siteground. It one of the best-Managed WordPress hosting company that offers quite very cheap but quality services to bloggers, the lowest plan starting at $4 per month something you will find in the above companies, great support and they earned themselves a place on the main page of

Namecheap is one the best Domain name registers in the world if not the best of the best but what one should know is that they have also now ventured into WordPress hosting, they offer quite very cheap yearly plans, classic user interface UI, and good support to their clients i once contacted them, the support i was given was great…

That’s it is, the list of the Best managed WordPress hosting sites/companies…note some links contain my referral links if you buy through them,,, I will drink coffee…

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