9 blogging Tips Every Blogger Should Know

9 blogging tips

9 blogging Tips Every  New Blogger Should Know 

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Blogging is on rapid growth, when one conducts research, there is a possibility of finding out that, there are many young people who have taken up the challenge like me putting put Zambia on the map with their blogs and showcasing their creativity, so because of that, I decided to put up a beginner’s guide, for newbies to learn a few powerful blogging tips to successfully set up a professional blog.

Here is the list of the best blogging tips for beginners


1. Choose a perfect Niche (Subject)

Before one even thinks of starting a blog, you need to choose a niche that you are passionate about, that way you will be able to write perfectly well with ease or easily overcame writer’s block and am also urging you to choose a profitable niche if you intend to make money with blogging. some niches have low-paying ads hence the low earning one will get especially from Adsense.

2. Blogging Platform

There are many blogging platforms out there that one can choose to start a blog with, but two of them stand out; that is blogger and WordPress. WordPress is a great blogging platform if you have money to pay for suitable hosting (which seems to be a hot issue for WordPress) while blogger is awesome if you don’t have money. Because it’s free.

3. Buy a custom domain

Many young people in Zambia and Africa find it difficult to buy a custom domain, due to 1, lack of finance and 2, phobia of losing out the money in their bank account to internet fraud, but if you want your blog to look professional and for people to take you seriously, that not an optional, just buy a custom domain, I have done it, it’s safe and only cost about $15 per year on namecheap.com

4. Choose a simple but classic theme

Choosing a nice, simple but classic theme is essential and gives your blog a professional look, readers desire. It is very tempting to try out all the JavaScript codes (blogger) and plugins (WordPress) on your blog. At the end of the day, it only makes your blog look clustered. So avoid themes that display pictures only without words (except for fashion blogs), because eventually, you lose traffic…why because google search bot can’t read pictures only words which also means all pictures should have an “alt tag”

5. Write great unique content (no copy and paste)

In my early years of blogging, I used to copy and paste other people’s content, without knowing that it was a crime (plagiarism). Learn to write unique content and always be updated with what you post, because unique up to date information more especially for a blog like this one is greatly appreciated by visitors, improves SEO, and ensures the articles are at least 600 plus words.

6. Learn to collaborate with other bloggers

If there is one activity, where one need to pocket their status it “blogging”, the reason is simple ‘what you know, someone does not know and vice visa, most notably you could be the one with fewer data/little info and you think ok, am great,,, you lose out….so learn to collaborate with anyone willing and share ideas, also take time to join Facebook groups about blogging believe me you’ll harvest a lot of information.

7. Always remember to back data

The internet is something else, anything can happen and you lose out on all your work, so always remember to backup data once or twice a month to be on the safe side and keep a copy on your google drive and flash drive. 

8. Be serious and professional

Be creative, serious, and professional with the way you conduct yourself online, avoid street names preferably use real names but it ok to hide the address and remain anonymous if you’re a whistle-blower blogger for security reasons, be polite when requesting help, and learn how to address negative comments.

9. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme

If just dive into blogging thinking this is a click, click, click bingo you have a dollar, gig………..sorry, blogging is a slow project by eventually pays off, so in short, don’t start a blog with high hope of making money because when you don’t see the result you will be disappointed….start a blog because you love sharing information and later start getting paid for it.

That’s it these are my  best 9 blog tips for blog beginners to set up a professional blog 

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